WOD: 6-12-12

Strength: 3 sets for max reps:

Chin Ups

If you can do more than 10 in first set, put a 20 lb vest on.

WOD: 3 rounds for time of:

400M Run
15 Pull Ups
15 Push Jerk (135/95)

The load must be cleaned with a full squat in order to begin the Push Jerk portion.  These cannot be power cleaned.


First things first!  Please note that the strength portion of the day is Chin Ups with a “ch”.  That means palms facing in as you try your damnedest to not move your legs on the way up.  If you were here when we tested Pull Ups (with a “pu”), see how you compare.  Are you better/worse/even?  Being one or two reps off either way is not a bad thing, but a big difference in reps can mean that there are some imbalance issues with your pulls.   As far as the workout goes, this is the perfect test to see if you have been reading these blurbs (of course you have) AND!!!  putting to practice what has been said these last two Mondays.  How quickly are you doing your first Pull Up after the run?  How quickly do you move from that last Pull Up into that first Push Jerk in your first round?  How about that last round?  Saving just a bit of time not chalking up, not walking away from your equipment, not sitting there past the point  you have recovered, but are yet comfortable will make big differences in the long run.  As far as form, how rhythmic are you through the kips?  How wide is your landing when you get under the bar?  How tight is your core when you jerk it?  There is a whole lot to think about in this and every workout, but practicing to be even 1% better everyday will get you where you want to be.   And if you need running inspiration, just picture a lion chasing after you.

Preferably a lion that can do Pull Ups and Push Jerks as well,




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